Vote for your favorite creperies in Myrtle Beach


Mike Haskey

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In Myrtle Beach, there’s breakfast, there’s brunch and then there is Crepes.

Go anywhere and you’ll likely pass several creperies along the way, each of which is frequented by a dedicated local clientele.

Despite their name, crêperies are not restaurants that only serve crêpes, although they are the centerpiece of the menu. Crêperies are breakfast-centric restaurants that serve everything from savory to sweet all day. To put it simply: creperies are for breakfast lovers.

Now we want to know what your favorite pancake is. Vote for your favorites in the poll below, based on this list of 17 of the best creperies picked by The Sun News staff in 2019.

Let’s see how these creperies stack up!

The poll will close at 11:59 p.m. ET on Friday, November 18.

This survey is not scientific; It’s for fun! Thank you to our readers for their participation.

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