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Top 6 of the most idyllic cinemas

The big screen is uplifting and uplifting, and in some films, the house is the star of the film. While some iconic movie theaters are actual homes, others are sets explicitly made for the movie. Whether or not they are real homes, these homes are the perfect combination of beauty and an unforgettable inviting atmosphere. Here are some of the most idyllic movie theaters that will make you want to jump across the screen and feel right at home.


Noah’s large front porch, and possibly Allie’s house, is its stunning focal point. The Southern-style white house is located on the North Carolina coast in the late 1940s. Its inviting porch makes you want to sit down, pour yourself a glass of sweet tea, and stay a while.

something must give

Nancy Meyers creates the magic of cinema, and her sets are also the magic of interior design. The Hamptons beach house at Something’s Gotta Give is an idyllic cobble-style beach house with a wrap-around porch and a perfectly coastal gravel driveway. The interior is a blue and white color scheme, sisal accents, a crisp white kitchen with soapstone countertops, and many rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors.


While this cedar shingle and stone lakeside mansion is supposedly located in Ryan Reynold’s character’s hometown of Alaska, the nine-bedroom, 10-bathroom home is located in Massachusetts. With mountains on one side, water on the other, and a gorgeous forest of green trees surrounding them on either side, the outdoor setting is quite impressive. The interior is filled with deep, rich hues and warm materials, such as stone and dark wood.

The father of the bride

The father of the bride’s house is the quintessential movie house at the top of everyone’s favorite movie house list. The ivy-covered white Colonial Revival home exudes both warmth and elegance while being understated yet beautiful. The interior and exterior of the facade were filmed at a house in Pasadena, CA, but the beloved back yard and side yard were filmed in Alhambra, CA. Interior wainscoting, upholstered furniture, and butcher block kitchen counters provide a welcoming sense of nostalgia.

It is complicated

Another gorgeous Nancy Meyers movie house, It’s Complicated is known for its superb cuisine. The hacienda-style Spanish Ranch is located in Thousand Oaks, California. The kitchen has a neutral palette, with black iron windows, a sisal blind and a white marble island. Meryl Streep’s character’s lush vegetable garden is awe-inspiring, from the abundance of color to the varied vegetables.

Under the Tuscan sun

The Italian villa set in the Tuscan countryside is filled with rustic Italian charm. Although the house is 100 years old, the living spaces are airy and bright. In fact, if you’re looking to book a vacation in Tuscany, the jaw-dropping home sleeps 20 and is available to rent, ranging from $2,362 to $4,051 per night.