SHC seeks details of KWSB employees occupying KMC homes – Newspaper

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court has ordered the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board to file a statement on the details of its employees occupying the accommodations for staff members of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation.

A two-judge panel headed by Judge Syed Hasan Azhar Rizvi also asked the director-administration of the KWSB that the information on the rent paid to the water utility be provided in the statement.

She also wanted to know if the rent for KMC housing owned by KWSB employees had been deducted from their salaries and these deductions were mentioned on their payslips.

The bench further ordered the head of KWSB to provide proof of payment of rent collection from the company-owned properties to KMC by KWSB.

At the start of the hearing, the KMC filed its report while the Director Administration-KWSB informed the bench that many KWSB employees were occupying KMC’s accommodations and were paying rent directly to the water utility.

In its report, the KMC said that its officials together with KWSB officers conducted a joint investigation into the official accommodations, which had been sublet by KWSB employees to their relatives and that they no longer resided there. .

Now, it is the responsibility of the KWSB along with the KMC Real Estate Department to release them and hand over physical possession to the KMC Accommodation Department to comply with the CHS order, he said. added.

The KMC report further stated that the process of freeing these accommodations would not be possible without the police and other law enforcement agencies.

The KMC said that the KWSB may be asked if it has an agreement proving that KWSB employees can own KMC housing until retirement, as the KMC does not have such an agreement.

The bench was hearing a series of motions filed in 2009, 2011 and beyond against encroachments on the parks and some KMC employees seeking official accommodation after being relocated from Jahangir Park.

Previously, KMC had provided a list of 71 KWSB staff who resided in KMC housing, while KWSB placed a list of five KMC staff living in its quarters and said 31 KMC housing had been vacated by KWSB employees.

Posted in Dawn, October 9, 2022