REIWA reveals Perth suburbs where homes are renting fastest in 2022 rental crisis

As rental prices soar across Perth, tenants are flocking to some of the city’s hottest rental suburbs.

With interest rate hikes and a housing boom driving record median prices across the state, homes near train stations and schools are in more demand than ever.

But tenants need to be quick. Homes in some Perth suburbs take as little as nine days, on average, to collect.

Here are the suburbs of Perth where properties are renting fastest.

ten – East of Perth

It takes an average of just 11 days for a rental property to be filled in East Perth, with the river and the city on its doorstep. But renters need a big wallet to afford the convenience of the outskirts of town. Median rents in the suburbs are $585 – well above the city average of $470. But the high price doesn’t appear to have been a deterrent – in the year ending May, 52 homes were bought in East Perth.

9 – The Vines

The appeal of the Swan Valley remains strong for those looking to rent. Vines are in high demand, with properties taking an average of just 10 days to rent. Even though it is 25 km from the CBD, it still costs $520 per week on average to rent here. In the 12 months to May, 35 houses were rented in the suburbs.

Camera iconThe vines. Credit: Alexandra Casey

8 – Seville Grove

By far the most rented suburb in the top 10 was Seville Grove in southeast Perth, perhaps due to its affordable rental price. It costs an average of just $435 a week to rent in the suburb, which is a student and family paradise with two schools and a TAFE and had 120 new tenants in the year to May. It takes on average barely 10 days for a rental to be taken in Seville.

seven – Lynwood

Perth’s eastern suburb of Lynwood is also a paradise for parents with a primary and secondary school in the area. The median rent is also below the Perth average at $460 per week. Rental properties are advertised for an average of 10 days before they are filled in the suburbs.

Westfield Carousel mall staff are forced to pay $35 a day to park at work.
Camera iconWestfield Carousel Shopping Centre. Credit: David Baylis/Community News

– 6 Langfords

Also in the eastern suburbs of Perth, this is by far the cheapest place to rent on the list. It costs an average of just $410 per week to rent a house in Langford, which is near the Westfield Carousel shopping center. Houses take an average of 10 days to snap up in the suburbs.

5 – Karrinyup

The redevelopment of the Karrinyup Mall and its proximity to the town and the beach has resulted in a flood of tenants vying to rent nearby. Rental prices average $555, but that hasn’t deterred 84 renters from taking homes in the suburbs.

Karrinyup Shopping Center Images courtesy of Hames Sharley Architects
Camera iconKarrinyup shopping center. Credit: Robert Frith/Robert Frith/Acorn Photo

4 – Huntingdale

With below-average rental prices of just $440 a week, Huntingdale, 20km southeast of Perth, is also popular. It takes an average of just 10 days for a house to be bought in the area, which has several schools and attracted 59 tenants in the year to May.

3 – Eglington

Right on Perth’s average rental price of $470 a week, this northern suburb has been dubbed ‘one to watch’ for investors and tenants by the Real Estate Institute of WA, due to potential for future development in the region. It may be 43 km north of the city, but 55 tenants have chosen to live there year-round until May.

Trig, City Beach and Cottesloe are the three main suburbs driving Perth’s property boom

Trig, City Beach and Cottesloe are the three main suburbs driving Perth’s property boom

2 – Marangaroo

Also in the northern suburbs of Perth, Marangaroo is considered a family suburb with plenty of schooling options. But renters have to move quickly to find a home in the suburb, with an average rental period of just nine days making it one of Perth’s hottest rental suburbs. In the year ending May, 43 homes were rented at an average price of $500 per week.

1 – Camille

But Perth’s most desirable rental suburb is south of the river. In Camillo, real estate listings only last an average of nine days before being bought and that’s no surprise. With an average rental price of just $380 per week, this is one of the cheapest places in Perth to rent a house. It’s also a commuter’s dream, close to the highway and train station. In the 12 months to May, 39 homes were rented in Camillo.