Real-life, million-dollar ‘dollhouses’ for sale

Three very unique houses in Australia that look like a ‘doll’s house’ have hit the market.

With their colonial-style facade, striking front door, angular roof, comfortable rooms and warm color palette, you’d be wrong to think these mansions are just a dream.

Brimming with charm and character, Colonial properties quickly became the norm in architecture after they were introduced by European settlers to the United States in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries.

Colonial houses have their own trademark style. Think of a box-like square shape, occupying two or more levels, with a gable roof.

The facade is typically wooden, adding to its charm, or earthier with brick or stone.

8 Hotham Ave, Mount Macedon, VIC 

This four bedroom home features cozy rooms and charming lattice windows. (Jellis Craig Woodend)
Actual 'Dollhouse' for sale in Victoria.
Located in Mount Macedon, Victoria, the abode has an indicative price of between $1.85 and $1.95 million. (Jellis Craig Woodend)
Actual 'Dollhouse' for sale in Victoria.
The exterior exudes a lot of character with its blue and white color scheme and angular roof. (Jellis Craig Woodend)

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This four-bedroom, two-bathroom home has a guide price of between $1.85 million and $1.95 million and is described as a “Hamptons-style haven” on the listing.

Advertised by Tom May and Leanne Pearman of Jellis Craig Woodend, the 8 Hotham Avenue home offers instant curb appeal with its blue and white exterior, latticework windows and front hedge.

Located in a quiet cul-de-sac, the property offers comfortable rooms with polished wood floors, a towering staircase, a loft, and a two-story studio that can be converted into a home office or gym.

There is also a manicured courtyard and gardens for entertaining.

74 Magnetic Drive, Mount Tamborine, Queensland 

Actual 'Dollhouse' in Queensland for sale.
This property is listed for over a million dollars and catches the eye with its bright red front door. (Ray White Rural Tamborine Mountain)
Actual 'Dollhouse' in Queensland for sale.
There is a “country style kitchen” with stone worktops and pendant lights. (Ray White Rural Tamborine Mountain)
Actual 'Dollhouse' in Queensland for sale.
Promenades, surrounded by lush vegetation, lead to a belvedere. (Ray White Rural Tamborine Mountain)

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Listed by Michael Shutte and Emma Hawker of Ray White Rural Tamborine Mountain, this idyllic abode at 74 Magnetic Drive is listed for over a million dollars.

The median home price for Tamborine Mountain is $939,500, according to the latest data from Domain.

Described as a “magical mountain cabin” on the listing, the remodeled home is inviting with its front door in a bold red hue, balcony, and white-fenced porch.

Interior design elements worth mentioning are the “country style kitchen” with its Oliveri sink, stone worktops and pendant lights, and the lattice windows in the living room.

There is also plenty of space for entertaining with terraces that offer views of lush vegetation and walkways that lead to a gazebo.

41 Oleander Drive, Yungaburra, Queensland 

Actual 'Dollhouse' in Queensland for sale.
This four-level abode is grand with its pale pink and white exterior and striking front door. (REMAX Cairns)
Actual 'Dollhouse' in Queensland for sale.
Interiors are bold with red cedar woodwork and checkerboard tiles in the bathroom. (REMAX Cairns)

This three-bedroom, three-bathroom property is grand in its facade with its pale pink and white hues, striking front door and spacious front yard.

Listed by Ray Murphy and David Murphy of REMAX Cairns, the four-level home at 41 Oleander Drive is listed for over $1.05 million.

Located in Yungaburra, a rural town in the plateau region, the house is nestled in lush greenery and offers a view of Lake Tinaroo.

Interiors take on a bold aesthetic with red cedar woodwork, coffered ceilings, checkerboard tiles in the bathroom, chandeliers, forest green walls and leather sofas.

Actual 'Dollhouse' in Queensland for sale.
Other noteworthy design elements are coffered ceilings, forest green walls, and chandeliers. (REMAX Cairns)