Open houses are held for improvements to Wenatchee Park

The Chelan PUD and the Town of Wenatchee are hosting an open house at the Pybus Public Market on Tuesday and Wednesday about planned improvements to the Wenatchee Waterfront Park.

The design of the first phase is underway, and the two open days of the Pybus council chamber will help refine the project and work on detailed plans for features such as a paddling pool, playground, pavilion picnic areas and trail improvements.

Neil Neroutsos with Chelan PUD says it’s an opportunity for the public to talk to the project team about their ideas for the park.

“We are waiting for feedback because there might be something on the track,” Neroutsos said. “There could be rest benches, that sort of thing. So really something not just to improve the aesthetics but to improve, sort of, the flow and people’s ability to navigate when we have cyclists and walkers and all types of people recreating themselves on the trail.”

Appointments are scheduled on these dates:

  • Tue. Sept. 13, 4 p.m.-7 p.m.
  • Wednesday, September 14, 7-10 a.m.

There are also two stalls along the Apple Capital Loop Trail – one near the Riverfront Railroad and the other north of 5th Street.

The city and PUD are splitting the $4 million cost of the first phase to make improvements to the park area along the Columbia River that extends from north of 5th Street to south of Pybus Market .

The plan was originally developed last December after nine months of outreach and planning, which included online surveys and open houses. Chelan PUD garnered over 1,000 public comments during the process.

Neroutsos says a few more steps have been taken in the project.

“We then went to our board at PUD and the Wenatchee City Council went to their electrical group, and they approved the original plan,” Neroutsos said. “And so we’re going back now and sharing more information with our customers and our audience and wanting to get some additional feedback to see what they like and what they don’t like.”

Most of the project land is owned by the City of Wenatchee and leased to Chelan PUD, which supports park development as a requirement of its Rock Island Dam operating license.

The first phase of the Waterfront Park Master Plan would be built over five years (2022-2026) in coordination with the City of Wenatchee. Projects include:

  • Splash pad: A splash pad next to the existing restrooms north of the Fifth Street roundabout, along with a new picnic pavilion and improved access from the parking lot.
  • Grove Trail Segment: Includes options to separate bike and pedestrian paths along the Apple Capital Loop Trail with strips, dividers, landscaping, or a combination to suit different areas of the trail.
  • Train Playground: A train-themed accessible play area with perimeter fencing, shaded areas and depot upgrades for Wenatchee Riverfront Railway.