Noida: No park in this area of ​​300 houses, children play on the roads | News from Noida

Drain near Sector 117 Greenbelt hasn’t been cleaned in nearly a year, residents say

NOIDA: With no parks for the over 1,000 residents living in over 300 housing estates, forcing children to play in the road and the elderly to wander the streets, Sector 117 is nothing less
than a concrete jungle. Residents said their repeated request to the Noida Authority to convert the region’s two green belts into parks with benches and swings has yet to be met.
“Area 117 is probably the only area in Noida that has no parks. nothing has been done so far,” Kosinder Yadav, chairman of the sector RWA, told TOI.
According to Yadav, two green belts are maintained by the Authority near gates 2 and 3. “We urged the Authority to convert these green belts into parks or at least put swings and benches so that residents and children can enjoy the greenery, especially during the summers,” Yadav said.
While Authority officials say a butterfly-shaped green park has been laid out on 1 acre in Sector 117, residents say the park is about 1.5 to 2 km from their homes.
“The main green park is of no use to residents as it is located too far away for daily use. We want a park close to our homes,” said a local resident.
Residents also blame the Authority for not clearing a drain near the area’s 24-meter-wide road green belt for almost a year. “It is now full of dried leaves, concrete and overgrown shrubs. There have been several complaints, but each time we are told that earth-moving machinery will be deployed soon,” Yadav said. he was approached, a senior Authority official said the residents’ issues would soon be resolved