In the Gurez Valley of Bandipora; 14 government schools operate from rented houses

Bandipora: At least 14 public schools in Gurez Valley, North Kashmir have been operating from rented houses for several years, leaving students to suffer.

14 public schools, including primary and secondary schools, have been operating from wooden houses that have been rented for several years.

“Gurez’s education system has suffered for decades in terms of shortages of staff or school infrastructure. It seems that the government does not want the education system in Gurez to grow,” residents said.

In these rental schools, residents said that in addition to the lack of drinking water, toilets and floor facilities, there are no benches in the classrooms for the students who are gathered in one piece. “These rented buildings have nothing in them to be called a school,” residents said.

A local said the government appears to be in a deep sleep as no action has been taken to improve the infrastructure for students who will have all the basic facilities. “While the government is loudly claiming that we are providing digital education to students, especially in border areas, we lack suitable accommodation to sit in, some schools only have 3 classrooms for eight classes,” said Aarif, an 8th grade student, at KNO.

Nisar Ahmed, another local resident, told KNO that “not only do these 14 schools have basic facilities, but there are other such schools in the Gurez Valley operating in dilapidated rooms where students are piled up by the teachers concerned.

He also said the government had failed to provide adequate accommodation for students in rural schools, forcing them to attend classes in the open.

Sometimes students from more than one class are crammed into a room by teachers, leaving no opportunity for students to grasp what they are being taught. Meanwhile, an official said that land has been identified for six rented school buildings, we will try to complete it next year and we have already contacted higher authorities and PRI in several villages if land has been given for these schools, we will try to complete and build the appropriate school buildings as soon as possible—(KNO)