Here’s what the most expensive homes for sale in Canada look like in each province (PHOTOS)

Although buying a home in Canada right now may seem impossible, if you want to afford one of the most expensive homes in the country, you better have experienced a few miracles (along with a winning lottery ticket!).

A new report from real estate site Point2Homes features some of the most expensive properties for sale in Canada right now and some are just plain bonkers.

From beautiful ski homes in the mountains of British Columbia to lavish mansions in Winnipeg and Ontario, all of these wild homes require a little extra cash to walk around – millions of dollars worth of cash to walk around for. to be more precise.

So if you are planning to inherit the riches of a distant and long-lost uncle, or if you are lucky enough to be rich as heck, these houses could be great homes to invest your money.

Modern wonder on top of a mountain in British Columbia

The Glass and Rock House overlooking Alta Lake in Whistler.


Price: $39,000,000

Address: 5462 Stonebridge Drive, Whistler, BC

Description: This house at the top of a mountain is a real luxury. It has 6 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, countless windows and skylights that allow natural light to flood every corner.

The home features a spa, wine cellar, and infinity pool, plus 8,700 square feet of space to enjoy the billionaire lifestyle, we can only assume you must be able to enjoy yourself. allow this place.

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A Mississauga Palace

The exterior of the palace.

The exterior of the palace.


Price: $37,500,000

Address: 2275 Doulton Drive, Mississauga, ON

Description: A perfect place for anyone looking for a literal palace. This beautiful home is on nearly two acres of land and is adorned with lots of white and gold pillars and has seven bedrooms.

And not only does it look like a palace in Bourbon, France, it also has its own indoor pool, nightclub, and full gym. You would never have to leave!

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Renovated Montrealers

An aerial view of the house.

An aerial view of the house.

Price: $35,000,000

Address: 3165 Place De Ramezay, Montreal (Ville-Marie), QC

Description: This gorgeous renovated home just outside of downtown Montreal has two beautiful floors, with a rooftop terrace and a hot tub to relax in while admiring the city.

Add eight bedrooms and you have a great place to hang out with your other billionaire friends.

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Alberta Dream Home

Price: $12,700,000

Address: 123 Cairns Landing, Canmore, AB

Description: Located in the community of Canmore, this home has all the rustic charm you could need. It has over 10,000 square feet, a theater room, and endless crisp mountain air.

It really is the kind of place people go to get away from it all and just vibe in their beautiful, huge house.

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manitoba mansion

Aerial view of Winnipeg's art deco mansion.

Aerial view of Winnipeg’s art deco mansion.


Price: $8,499,900

Address: 1063 Wellington Crescent, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Description: A wonderfully modern mansion in Manitoba’s capital, which comes with a very stylish art deco theme.

The house includes massive halls and living rooms, eleven bedrooms and a “gourmet kitchen”. It also has an indoor and outdoor pool so you can get wet two ways!

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Nova Scotia Waterfront Home

Nova Scotia's waterfront home.

Nova Scotia’s waterfront home.


Price: $7,450,000

Address: 1160 Rockcliffe Street, Halifax, NS

Description: What’s more Nova Scotian than a waterfront home?

Add in this home’s many amenities, which include full marble bathrooms, beautiful views, a spacious kitchen, and much more, and you have the perfect east coast home – if you have the big bucks.

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A “birdsong” from PEI.

The rear view of the 'Birdsong' mansion.

The rear view of the ‘Birdsong’ mansion.


Price: $4,750,000

Address: 1367 Mill River East Road, Mill River East, PEI

Description: For those looking for a different East Coast vibe, this massive PEI home might be the ticket.

This property is over 12,000 square feet and is called “Birdsong”. It has really nice and cozy interiors, while offering wonderful views of the PEI countryside.

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Lake Saskatchewan Beach Bungalow

An aerial view of the Saskatchewan Lake House.

An aerial view of the Saskatchewan Lake House.


Price: $3,900,000

Address: 400 Lakeshore Drive, Wee Too Beach, Sask.

Description: Moving to the prairies, this home located right on Last Mountain Lake is the perfect beach getaway for someone with plenty of cash to spend.

This bungalow is a great place to relax and makes the perfect base for all your boating adventures – as the house comes with a boathouse to store your water whip.

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Newfoundland Oceanview Dream Home

Front view of the Oceanview house.

Front view of the Oceanview house.


Price: $2,900,000

Address: 48-58 Doran’s Lane, Middle Cove Logy Bay Outer Cove, NL

Description: This massive Newfoundland mansion is minutes from St. John’s and has absolutely gorgeous ocean views that any east coast homeowner would love.

Add some modern interiors and four bedrooms, and it’s a perfect place to relax.

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Historic New Brunswick Mansion

The house with the swimming pool in the foreground.

The house with the swimming pool in the foreground.


Price: $2,750,000

Address: 114 Riverside, Shediac, N.B.

Description: Located in the “lobster capital of the world”, this house is in the middle of Acadian country and includes a huge lot.

Not only that, but it was built in 1911, it features a swimming pool, 14 bedrooms and a commercial kitchen. Maybe your next bed and breakfast? Or just a place to relax in the woods of New Brunswick.

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