Gallery of Homes Sold Below Median Selling Price | palm coast

In September, the median sale price for homes in Flagler County was $392,500, according to Here are some of the homes that sold for less than that price during the week of August 25-31. For a more comprehensive list from this week, click here.


Joanne Blake, individually and as trustee, sold 7 Greenbriar Court, Unit 7, to Danny Smith, as trustee, for $250,000. Built in 1980, the condo is a 2/2 and has 1,006 square feet. It sold in 2018 for $152,000.

Grand Harbor

Karl and Mary Drobnick, of Lauderdale, Minnesota, sold 28 Crosstie Court to Marc and Lisa Hackett, of Montgomery Village, Maryland, for $375,000. Built in 1999, the house is a 3/2 and has 1,640 square feet. It sold in 2020 for $222,000.

Not in the subdivision

Coast Home Management LLC of Flagler Beach has sold 34 Bud Field Drive to Corey Stephenson of Palm Coast for $302,000. Built in 2002, the house is a 3/2 and has 1,349 square feet.

The village

Catherine Hutchison of Boynton Beach sold 126 Oak Lane to Robin Hayes of Flagler Beach for $235,000. Built in 1986, the house is a 2/2 and has 1,219 square feet. It sold in 2013 for $75,000.

Toby Tobin of contributed to this report.