Face-to-face Divine Dynasties in the SMITE: Houses at War Battle Pass

Today marks the release of SMITE’s last major content update, named after its new Battle Pass.

SMITE’s new Battle Pass: Houses at War introduces a world where royal houses are pitted against each other in a struggle for supremacy. Each house represents a lineage that goes back to a mythical animal patron. For more information about the pass, visit its dedicated webpage.

The Dragon House, led by Yu Huang, sees cruelty as a necessary tool for maintaining order in nature. Needless to add that as the top of all predators, dragons intend to stay on top. House Dragon Yu Huang is his very first skin and is instantly unlocked upon purchase of the Battle Pass.

Simply by playing matches, everyone progresses and accesses dozens of rewards, including some free like the House Jackal skin for Anubis. Purchasing the Battle Pass: Houses at War grants access to all of its content, including House Phoenix Amaterasu. The ultimate reward is the Chang’e Unicorn House, aided by an adorable Armored Battle Bunny who collects her items.

New conquest map

Today’s update also brings the Polynesian Volcanic Chaos Conquest map, the third and final update for Season 9. Starting in 2021, SMITE has been releasing seasonal map updates for its most strategic mode, Conquest.

The Volcanic Chaos map features a tropical beach and corresponding flora. While the Fire Giant’s lair is still a hot spot, it’s never been so hot: the ultimate Jungle Boss now lives in an active volcano.

The Obelisk on the theme of Polynesia is thirsty for new things: CRABS! Filling the obelisk with crabs rewards the whole team with a powerful trebuchet that destroys structures.

A variety of targeted gameplay changes complement these visual updates and freshen up combat. Gods, beware: such an explosive display may soon attract the attention of a new God…

Referral Event with Free Rewards

Yet another incentive to return to the Battlegrounds of the Gods, a one-time friend referral event is taking place in SMITE for a limited time. All the details can be found in this blog post.

SMITE is extending an informal invitation to all budding deities to join in the action with the guidance of an experienced friend. From September 13-27, when a veteran and a new or old player team up and play, both are rewarded with a Favor Booster after 5 matches, a “Pick Your Own BP Cosmetic” chest after 10, and a ” Pick Your Own BP”. Skin’ Chest after 15 matches. The latter, which has been hugely popular with fans since its release earlier this year, unlocks any skin from almost any existing Battle Pass.

In addition to entirely new accounts, anyone who hasn’t played SMITE in at least a month can benefit from this event on the same basis as a new player.