Dezeen and Gaggenau present an online series about spectacular houses

Dezeen has partnered with Gaggenau to present a series of architectural project talks featuring eye-catching homes in unique locations around the world.

The three webinars, which count towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points for UK architects, will feature the NCaved house by Mold Architects, A Brutalist Tropical Home by Dan Mitchell and Patisandhika and the Coral Pavilion by CmDesign Atelier.

Read on for more information and to register for free to attend the online conferences:

NCaved by Mold Architects
1:00 p.m. London time, Friday, November 25, 2022

Located on the Greek island of Serifos, NCaved is a wedge-shaped house carved into a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Architect Iliana Kerestetzi, founder of Athens-based Mold Architects, designed the building to maximize sea views while protecting it from high winds.

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A Brutalist Tropical House in Bali by Patisandhika and Daniel Mitchell

A Brutalist Tropical House in Bali by Patisandhika and Dan Mitchell
1:00 p.m. London time, Friday, December 2, 2022

A Brutalist Tropical Home in Bali is a 512 square meter house located in a small valley nestled among rice paddies on the Indonesian island of Bali.

Sidarta Patisandhika, founder of Indonesian architecture studio Patisandhika, and Mitchell of Balinese hospitality brand Potato Head will discuss the challenges posed by the island’s hot climate and solutions designed to address them.

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Coral Pavilion by CmDesign Atelier
1:00 p.m. London time, Friday, December 9, 2022

Tosin Oshinowo, lead designer at CmDesign Atelier studio in Lagos, will give a talk on Coral Pavilion – a minimalist beach house accessible only by boat.

Oshinowo will give a detailed presentation on the design and delivery process of the project, as well as the use of materials to create a serene space that acts as a refuge from the “frenetic energy” of nearby Lagos.

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Discussions on the Dezeen x Gaggenau architecture project

This series of Architecture Project Talks is produced by Dezeen in collaboration with luxury kitchen appliance brand Gaggenau. Gaggenau works with architects and designers to create professional quality kitchen appliances for the home, tailored to design specifications.

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