Calm weather prevents Himatangi beach fire from spreading to homes

Firefighters believe a fire on Himatangi beach was deliberately started.

Christel Yardley / Stuff

Firefighters believe a fire on Himatangi beach was deliberately started.

Firefighters are grateful for the calm weather preventing the spread of a large wood fire in Manawatū.

Emergency services were called to a log fire at Himatangi Beach around 8.15am on Sunday, with a fire engine present.

Himatangi Beach Volunteer Fire Brigade fire chief Wayne Dear said the fire was likely deliberately started overnight.

“If there was wind, it could have endangered houses. It is quite serious.”

* Himatangi Beach firefighters call for daytime volunteers
* Only the rubble left after the fire of the Himatangi Beach house
* Two suspicious fires at a hay barn are being investigated

The fire was not far from the entrance to Township Beach, a few hundred yards south towards Foxton Beach.

Cher said the fire was in a large pile of logs against a wooden fence, which sits at the base of the sand dunes.

“On the other side is the new plantation which backs onto the houses. Very lucky.”

Firefighters remained on site until around 9:30 a.m.

There was no sign of anyone barbecuing in the area, he said.

“I hope it was unique. It had the potential to be quite serious.

The road from the township to the beach runs along a creek and the creek eats away the access to the beach.

Fortunately, the Manawatū District Council had recently created a track for service vehicles, otherwise the fire truck would have had to pass through Foxton Beach.