Birbhum tragedy: remains of raw bombs found near burnt houses

Kolkata: Raw Bombs were possibly thrown at the house in which eight people were burned to death in Rampurhat village in Birbum district of West Bengal.

On Monday, eight people were charred to death in the village of Rampurhat. The incident happened just hours after a local TMC leader was killed in the area. As opposition parties targeted the state government with allegations of political assassinations, some suggested that the Fire may be caused by accident or short circuit.

Times Now’s Tamal Saha visited the village and found evidence to suggest the fire was not a freak accident as suggested crude bombs may have been thrown at the houses. He found remains of raw bombs which are still lying in front of the houses. He also entered one of the burnt houses where he saw bloodstained axes lying on the ground.

The reporter said the raw bomb remains suggested that bombs may have been thrown at the houses. “It was a deliberate and targeted attack on houses, it was not a freak accident or a short circuit or a burst of television, as some have suggested. If that had been the case, more people would be dead,” Saha said, pointing to the raw bomb visuals.

Saha also said selective houses were targeted in the village as some houses were not hit while few were attacked. The entire village now wears a deserted air as people have closed their homes and fled.

The reporter spoke to a female eyewitness who said the women were screaming for help when the house was set on fire, but no one came forward to ask for help as they feared for their own safety .

She said the police didn’t come when the house was on fire. “The firefighters came but the villagers wouldn’t let them in,” she told Saha.

The Calcutta High Court has registered a suo moto case in the incident and the Chief Justice will hear the case at 2pm today.

A delegation of BJP West Bengal MPs led by Supended Adhikari will visit the site today at 2:30 p.m.