Birbhum massacre rocks both Houses of Parliament

Violence in West Bengal’s Birbhum district rocked Parliament on Friday with BJP and TMC members in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha attacking and blaming both sides. BJP Rajya Sabha member Roopa Ganguly has demanded the imposition of President’s rule in West Bengal and even failed in raising the issue.

Massive protests by TMC members led to a brief adjournment of the Upper House and the ruling Center party and the ruling TMC party in West Bengal, briefly facing accusations against each other in Lok Sabha.

Ganguly broke down as she raised the issue of eight people, including two children, being burned to death in Bogtui village in Birbhum, saying being born in West Bengal is not a crime. During the zero hour (morning session), she said, “(People) have been burned to death… There is no trust in the police.”

The autopsy report states that the victims were first beaten and locked up, before being burned alive. She called the incident “mass killings” and also referred to other “political killings” in the state, she said.

“West Bengal is part of India. The place is not safe to live. I, Roopa Ganguly, am demanding the rule of the President in the state. We have the right to live. This is not not a crime to be born in West Bengal,” the BJP member said as she collapsed. She also said people were fleeing the area after the incident.

As she raised the issue, the (TMC members) began to protest and counter the allegations. Some of them rushed into the well raising slogans. Members of the Treasury benches also engaged in counter-sloganeering.

Vice President Harivansh tried to restore order in the House, but the protesting members were relentless. The Vice-President then adjourned the proceedings for approximately 25 minutes until 12:10 p.m. After the brief adjournment, the House continued with the scheduled Question Time.