Best Beach Houses: 5 Award-Winning Simple Modern Beach House Designs

Beach houses: a private oasis from city life. Beach houses are unique in that they can be many different types of residences. For the lucky few, beach houses will be their primary residence. For some, a beach house is a secondary permanent vacation home. Beach houses are often also investment properties that people can rent out for certain periods, through Airbnb or similar websites. The one thing that holds it all together beach houses worldwide: they cost a pretty penny.

Beach houses are among the most expensive types of real estate in the world. This is mainly due to the luxury that proximity to the beach brings – and especially the undeniable value of the ocean view – but also to the opulent design of Australians. beach house architectyouure. Australian beach houses rule the world in a variety of aspects. Basically the architecture of Australia beach houses integrates harmoniously with the natural landscape to create a harmony of forms, beauty and function.

Typically, beach houses are stylistically informed by the natural and neutral leanings of the Hamptons and other coastal interior designs. A traditional style beach house will be soft white, often tinged with light blues and sea greens. The architecture of these Australians beach houses typically takes after the Queenslander style with ornate, wraparound vintage details verandas and steps. However, recent design developments have seen a move towards more brutal architecture, with Australian designers coming to favor the harsh beauty of raw materials like concrete contrasting with the raw natural landscape.

These new-age beach houses embrace contemporary materials and design styles. Rather than trying to blend seamlessly into the natural world, they stand harshly against the horizon. This ferocity actually works in their fosterbecause the energy of an unapologetically industrial concrete home matches the jagged beauty of the natural world. Notably popular in harsh environments such as cliffs and rough seas, this new style of the beach house redefines what luxury living looks like in modern Australia.

There is one thing that everything beach houses undeniably have in common: an attachment to sight. Almost all the the existing beach house will have huge windows and probably even a wall of glass or two to take in the ocean views.

beautiful Australian beach house best to stay coastal modern simple classic

This is so residents can enjoy the scenery from the comfort of their own homes, without having to worry about the weather or rain. Seeing the beach every day – whatever the weather – is a luxury that very few can afford, and much of beach house architecture is dedicated to making the most of this opportunity.

Beach houses as such are usually bright, open and filled with natural light. Often the living room will play a larger role in the home as it is where the owner and guests are most likely to spend time – and therefore the view is best enjoyed from this area. Australian architects have applied this philosophy to beach houses in some of the most creative ways around. Here are a few examples among many others, with supporting photos.

Beach house designs and coastal housesredesigned: Exteriorshouse plans and renovations that lay the foundations for the best beach houses Australia

5. Yonda beach house, South Australia

beautiful Australian beach house best to stay coastal modern simple classic

This primeing private beach residence in South Australia stands proudly among 150 acres of beachfront land. Located in the hidden gem of the Yorke Peninsula, this home was designed by a globally recognized architectural firm The architecture of Robb Mils and interiors.

beautiful Australian beach house best to stay coastal modern simple classic

This home has twice been named “Australia’s Best Luxury Accommodation” by the QANTAS Australian Tourism Awards, and has won the same category four times in South Australia. Only one three hours drive from Adelaide, this simple and elegant coastal home offers access to private beaches teeming with wildlife and the unspoilt beauty of Australia’s south coast. This is a vacation property and you can read more about booking a stay in the Yonda beach house here.

4. Tannum sand house, queensland

Tannum house by Sarah Waller Architecture presents a modern twist on a classic beach house favorite. With the typical glass walls and huge windows, this home makes the most of its small city adjustment keeping the interior as open as possible.

beautiful Australian beach house best to stay coastal modern simple classic

The interior decor as in the bathroom blends perfectly with the exterior colors and material schemes, with natural and neutral woods colors warm a cool costal inner wash. here

3. Alinghi Beach House, Queensland

beautiful Australian beach house best to stay coastal modern simple classic

The Alinghi Beach House was designed by award-winning architect James Grose, who used passive design elements to harness the natural landscape as alternatives to man-made heating and cooling methods.

Clad in arctic cedar, the house seems to blend into the natural landscape of the surrounding silverbark trees. As the wood fades in the sun over time, this effect will become even more pronounced – maybe a day when this house will be almost indistinguishable of its natural environment.

2. Golden Beach House, Queensland

beautiful Australian beach house best to stay coastal modern simple classic

The Golden Beach House is a classic example of a Queensland beach house, from the whitewashed timber to the wraparound veranda. This house has stunning views of the Queensland coastline and is said to bask in the Queensland sun during the afternoon light.

1. Clifftop House, South Coast NSW

beautiful Australian beach house best to stay coastal modern simple classic

This incredible home on the Great Ocean Road overlooks the beautiful Victorian coastline. Designed by world-renowned architecture firm Woods Bagot, the design of this home places great emphasis on visual pathways and creating inventive space through industrial materials.

Perfectly suited to the dramatic cliffside setting, this home reflects the wild force of the ocean below. This house is truly a testament to the untapped potential of the Australian landscape and how that potential can be harnessed by emerging Australian architects.