Bay Council Approves Additional Tourist Rooming Houses; EMS Referendum Briefings Scheduled for October 19-24

The Village of Williams Bay reached the maximum of its 15 authorized tourist rooming house permits on Monday, as village administrators approved conditional use permits for three additional tourist rooming house operations in the central business district from the village.

In June, the Williams Bay Village Board approved an increase in the Village’s number of capped tourist rooming house permits from 7 to 15 to meet the growing demand for accommodations in Williams Bay.

Conditional use permits for the establishment of accommodation units in tourist rooming houses to accommodate paying guests for 1 to 6 consecutive nights have been approved for:

Bayside Beauty, LLC for 150 N. Walworth Ave.

Darwin and Annemarie Sampson for 38 W. Geneva St.

John and Susan Holmes for 27 N. Walworth Ave.

With the number of tourist rooming house permits in the village at capacity, the trustees subsequently refused an application for a conditional use permit filed by Chris Pauly, of Williams Bay Investments, LLC, for a rooming house project tourist rooms at 36 W. Geneva St.

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Pauly was looking to establish two accommodation units of tourist rooms available for 1-6 consecutive days by paying guests.

Referendum UpdateVillage Administrator Becky Tobin provided a brief update on marketing activities in support of the upcoming Village Emergency Medical Services (EMS) funding referendum on Nov. 8, noting that the first of the two village town hall meetings will be held Wednesday, October 19, 6:30 a.m., at the Williams Bay Lions Club Fieldhouse, 270 Elkhorn Rd. (State Highway 67).

The Town Hall will be streamed live online on the Williams Bay EMS Referendum Facebook page, and a recording of the meeting will be available on Thursday, October 20 for viewing on the Williams Bay EMS Referendum Facebook page and at Village EMS Referendum Web,

The second information meeting will take place on Monday, October 24 at 6:30 p.m. at the Barrett Memorial Library. 65 W. Geneva St. (State Hwy. 67).

Since June, Williams Bay has contracted with the Fontana Fire Department to provide the village with full-time paid professional EMS service.

The following yes-no question will appear in Williams Bay on the November 8 fall general election ballot:

“Under state law, the increase in the Village of Williams Bay’s levy for tax to be assessed for the next fiscal year, 2023, is limited to 1.67%, resulting in a levy of 2,982,296 $. Will the Village of Williams Bay be permitted to exceed this limit and increase the levy for the next fiscal year, 2023, for the purpose of providing the Village with 24-hour emergency medical services, by a total of of 31.120%, which translates to a drawdown of $3,910,373, and on a continuing basis, include the increase of $928,077 for each subsequent fiscal year? »

Approved fee changes

After reviewing village fees in terms of cost-effectiveness, the Williams Bay Trustees unanimously approved a series of fee increases on October 17, including passing Resolution R-27-22, which amends the village fee schedule for beach beacons, parking passes and fishing tournament fees. .

The new fees are as follows:

Resident Beach Tags – $5, down from $3.

Resident parking passes – $3 each with a limit of three per household, down from $2.

Fishing tournament fees, 1-10 boats – $25 flat fee, plus launch fee for each boat.

Fishing tournament fees, 11-25 boats – $75 flat fee, plus launch fee for each boat.

Fishing Tourney Fee, 26-50 boats – $250 flat fee, plus launch fee for each boat.

Fishing Tournament Fees, 51 boats or more – Fees determined on a case-by-case basis, with the required approval from the Village Council.

The adoption of resolution R-28-22 modifies the fee schedule for tourist room permit fees, which go from $225 to $450.

Charter Ordinance Amendment

Village administrators held a first reading, waived a second reading and voted unanimously to approve Charter Ordinance 2022-15, which will increase the term of the Municipal Judge from four years to two years , beginning with the April 2023 election cycle, in an effort to give more influence to the village electorate over the office of municipal judge.

The recommendation came from the building, zoning and ordinance committee of the council.

The amendment to Section 22-1B of the Village Ordinance Code under Charter Ordinance 2022-15 calls for the Municipal Judge to be elected at-large in spring elections in odd-numbered years for a two-term term. years, or until a successor is elected and qualifies, commencing on May 1 following his election. Mid-term vacancies in the office of municipal judge are filled by special election which must take place at least 55 days and at most 70 days by order of the Régie.

As a Charter Ordinance, the provisions of 2022-15 will take effect 60 days after the October 17 passage and subsequent publication in the newspapers of the new Charter Ordinance.

Other news

In other developers at the October 17 meeting, Williams Bay Village board members:

Approval of a conditional use permit application filed by Donna Hourigan, 78 Lower Loch Vista Dr., to combine two plots into one plot.

Approval of a conditional use permit application filed by Lake Geneva Fresh Air, 100 Holiday Home Camp Rd., for renovations and additions to its Crane Maxwell building, which is used for staff accommodation.

Authorization approved for the Department of Public Works to purchase materials for water lines and sanitary sewers prior to construction of the state highway scheduled for March 2023 by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. 67 reconstruction project at a total cost of $316,000, including a 5% contingency and $15,700.

Approved Approval to File a Notice of Intent to Apply for a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Clean Water Fund Project Loan for a $1.6 million 2024 lift station replacement project existing undersized sewage from Harris Road and force main to prevent future sanitary sewer overflows.

Approved Approval to File a Notice of Intent to Apply for a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Drinking Water Project Loan for a Proposed 2024 $2.8 Million Village Water Plant Modification to provide optimum anti-corrosion treatment through the modification of the existing lime softening plant to prevent nitrification and correct existing code violations related to the booster pumping equipment, and also fund the addition of chlorine supply facilities and replacement of booster pumping equipment and associated process piping.

Approval of a 6-page community volunteer application for the Williams Bay Police Department and a background check form prepared by Police Chief Justin P. Timm for potential future police department volunteers, including volunteer chaplains.

Approved the addition of new Village Clerk Tina Kolls as an authorized bank signatory for Village accounts at First National Bank & Trust and Advia Credit Union.

Held a first reading of Draft Ordinance 2022-14, which would fill a loophole in the current Fishing Tournament Ordinance that has been exploited by some tournament organizers.