Agnipath line paralyzes both chambers on second day of monsoon session in Bihar – The New Indian Express


PATNA: Both houses of Bihar’s legislature were brought to a standstill on Monday, the second day of the brief monsoon session, when a rowdy opposition demanded Agnipath’s withdrawal and shouted slogans against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, inveighing against his government for introducing the project.

The assembly was adjourned until Tuesday around 3 p.m. by President Vijay Kumar Sinha, whose repeated attempts to cajole the RJD-led opposition proved futile.

The debates were adjourned, for the first time, within half an hour of the start at 11 a.m. and when the House reconvened at 2 p.m.

after lunch, another adjournment was ordered by the Speaker who asked MPs from all parties to see him in his chamber for discussions.

However, minutes after debate resumed at 2:45 p.m., the Speaker sensed that opposition Members were in no mood to relent and adjourned the House until Tuesday.

RJD Chief Whip Lalit Yadav and Congress Legislative Party Leader Ajeet Sharma had tabled separate adjournment motions, both calling for the withdrawal of the controversial armed forces recruiting scheme which provides for retirement after four years of service without a pension.

Slogans against the NDA government at the Centre, including the Prime Minister, drew strong reactions from the Treasury benches, especially BJP members.

Strong dissatisfaction was expressed by Deputy Chief Minister Tarkishor Prasad who was appalled by the slogans denigrating the Prime Minister.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s JD(U) ministers, who were skeptical of the new regime and sympathetic to those who oppose it, were also of the view that since the issue had national implications, it would not be appropriate to hold a discussion about the same inside the house.

Statements to this effect were made on the floor of the House by Vijay Kumar Sinha and Shrawan Kumar, Ministers of Parliamentary Affairs and Rural Development respectively.

The Speaker was also visibly angry at recalcitrant opposition members, whom he chastised for raising an issue that was outside the purview of the House and shouting slogans against the Prime Minister.

“Nothing will be saved in the procedure.”

“Your adjournment motion could have been considered at noon, the allotted time, but the House was not allowed to sit,” the Speaker remarked sullenly.

The president, known for his penchant for educating school children about the workings of the legislature, was seen repeatedly pleading with clasped hands “Buxar students have come.

“They are watching us. Please don’t create such a scene.”

Meanwhile, similar tumultuous scenes on Agnipath were seen in the Legislative Council despite assurances given to opposition members by Acting Speaker Awadhesh Narayan Singh that the matter will be referred to the House Affairs Advisory Committee.

Former Chief Minister Rabri Devi, who is the opposition leader in the Upper House, stood outside the Vidhan Parishad with members of his RJD, before the start of the debates, carrying placards and shouting slogans.

“The scheme should be withdrawn and all police cases filed against the young protesters should be withdrawn. The government accused us of fomenting trouble. Do they think the public is so stupid they can’t think for themselves? You cannot cut out the tongues of those who raise their voices,” she told reporters.

JD(U)MLC Neeraj Kumar told reporters after the deadlock for the day: “‘I wonder what went wrong with the opposition that they did not allow the House to function during of the session after lunch. They seemed to agree with the interim president. insurance. They are wasting precious time.