8 Perfect Beach House Rentals for a Summer in Galveston

Galveston is a popular tourist destination in Texas known for its sunny beaches and family sites. Vacationing in Texas’ greatest neighborhood can never be a one-day experience. With multiple attractions to explore, vacationers should be prepared to invest in a good beach house.

Beach house rentals in Texas come in many different forms. From luxury cabins to single rooms at popular beach resorts, here are some amazing beach house rentals to consider for a summer experience in Galveston.

8 watermelon house

Finding the perfect beach house for a Texas summer experience requires a crucial consideration of cost, location, and reliability. A good example of a beach house rental that ticks all of these boxes is the watermelon house named after its brown and white paint. The house is an example of beauty equipped with two bedrooms and a bathroom. The house can accommodate up to eight people at a time, making it a great choice for a family vacation. Located a few steps from the beach, vacationers can enjoy the beautiful view of the coastline. A barbecue is also available, so that guests can prepare their favorite dishes.

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7 A brick house

Vacation homes don’t always have to be stand-alone buildings. They can also be sublets from other facilities. The Brick House is an example of sublet accommodation located in an existing facility. The Brick House is designed to be a resting place for two. Its bedroom and bathroom speak volumes. The house is strategically located downstairs giving vacationers much needed privacy. An equipped kitchen, a walk-in shower, free Wi-Fi and a private courtyard are part of the package.

6 beach side 1

As the name suggests, vacationers can expect spectacular ocean views from their hotel rooms. Beachside 1 is one of the few lodging establishments in the area to have a freely accessible patio. The patio helps vacationers enjoy the serene ocean surroundings. With one bedroom and one bathroom, this house is ideal for a small family vacation. The home is also near some of the best history centers in the greater Texas area. Those who like to travel with their furry friends are well covered. This is a dog friendly beach house rental in Texas.

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5 pelican perch

The perfect Galveston vacation home doesn’t have to be a restaurant or a resort. After all, resorts charge higher rates, especially during the heightened demand of summer. However, reserving one near a major resort does the magic and the Pelican Perch thrives best on that. Located in an area rich in hotels, holidaymakers can easily order their meals and rush there to get them. The strategic positioning of the house also facilitates the delivery of ordered items. Vacationing in the Texas region does not mean that one is limited to only beach activities. The Pelican Perch allows vacationers to participate in other activities such as skateboarding and table tennis.

4 summer wind

Summer Wind is the ideal destination for vacationers wishing to set off on an adventure as a team. With four bedrooms and three bathrooms, this rental has enough space to accommodate up to eleven people. The choice of a holiday residence will also be centered on the facilities existing on its outskirts. In the summer wind, vacationers have the chance to see Galveston’s Great Seawall and State Park in one shot.

3 5 o’clock somewhere

Country music fans will have a great time here. Strategically located on the beach in Galveston, this hotel automatically becomes a good choice for vacation. Imagine waking up in the morning and the first thing you see is the blue waters of the ocean? Best of all, the ocean offers a serene environment for resting, except for the hoarse ships that can be hectic at times. Everything else other than that is superb. With amenities such as cable TV, free Wi-Fi, and free parking, vacationers will feel right at home.

  • Cost: $425
  • Guests: Up to six

2 Cabin of the two sisters

Source: sandnsea

Vacationers looking for upscale Galveston adventure homes will fall in love with Two Sisters Shark. The name of the house itself is enough to show what a vacation vibe it can be. The house is furnished with a patio that allows vacationers to enjoy the serene environment of the ocean. From up there, holidaymakers can easily spot freighters heading for the port. The outdoor charcoal grill also means vacationers will never miss any of their favorite delicacies. It also includes parking for four cars, two twin beds, two queen beds, cable TV, and Wi-Fi. Guests are also allowed to bring their pets.

1 sunset breeze

With over four huge bedrooms within its premises, Sunset Breeze can be described as a seaside village instead of a house. With four beds, it can accommodate up to 10 people. Large families find respite in this beach house without necessarily having to break the bank. It has three decks for evening cocktails for beautiful sunset views. Plus, cable TV, refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, Wi-Fi, toaster, microwave, washer, charcoal grill, and parking for guests. cars are all provided for ultimate convenience.

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